Carol Stallan

Energy Healer / Colonics Specialist / Registered Nurse


I have always been attracted to health. From an early age I wanted to be a nurse. That dream was fulfilled in 1971 and I continue to work in aged care.


My interest in health has continued to expand and evolve throughout my life. When I became interested in gardening I was always attracted to herbs. I ended up with a garden full of medicinal and culinary herbs and no idea what to do with them! The first course I did was herbal medicine for home use, which lead me to wanting to know more. I had a strong sense there was more to health than popping a pill and expecting the illness to go away.


Next I studied massage and colonics, and began practicing in 1994. I have done many forms of massage including swedish remedial and aromatherapy. As the years passed I was given intuitive sight into what to do whilst massaging. I saw massaging as preventative medicine rather than as a luxury. This intuitive form of massage has continued to get stronger. The more work I do on myself to change, the more I am able to help others change.


Change comes from different attitudes, forgiveness of self and others, acceptance, and presence in the moment. We waste a lot of energy worrying about past and future. This energy can be put to better use in self-healing.