Colinics heal on a physical level, clearing blocked waste from the bowel, but also on an emotional level, moving negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and an inability to change. 


1 session - $80

3 session package - $200



Colonic irrigation is performed by cleansing the large bowel. It helps release blocked waste. Waste can become stuck due to a poor functioning bowel, negative thoughts, limiting beliefs or an inability to change.


Colonics are healing for both our physical and emotional bodies, and naturally our state of mind also improves. The poor function of your bowel may heal by addressing all of the above. As you release or change an issue or belief the next layer arises for your attention. This is how your body talks to you.


How many sessions do I need?

It is best to begin with three colonics (one a week for three weeks) this then helps you become more aware of your body.



How do I know when I need another colonic?

Your body will tell you. Signs or symptoms may include constipation, headaches, skin conditions, restless sleep, unrefreshed from sleep, urinary frequency or a feeling of general ill health. Listen to these signs and you can become aware of needing another colonic.


We all need to be taking a good probiotic daily. Colonics do not interfere with this flora. Probiotics are needed for the whole digestive tract. 


I'm a registered nurse...

Not only do I have years of experience in performing colonic irrigation, I am also a registered nurse. In addition to a thorough knowledge of the physical body, I also call upon my energy healing abilities to cleanse you on an emotional level.