Healing Massage

Using hands on healing and intuition, I guide blocked energy through your body. At the end of your massage your energy flows freely through your meridians, your aura is cleansed and your chakras are balanced.


1 hour - $70

1.5 hours - $100

As I massage your body I feel where energy is stuck and am then guided to pull or push this stuck energy along your meridians and out through your toes and fingers. The blocked energy can be felt as a knot in a muscle or I will intuitively pick up on a subject to talk about.


Your blocked energy appears to me as dark, dense, pain, or I have a knowing. Stuck energy can also put your body out of alignment; if the issue presenting is big this can happen. You may feel crooked, but once the energy is moved you will straighten. 






By the time your massage is finished your energy is flowing freely through your meridians, your aura is cleansed and the chakras are balanced.


Massage is preventative medicine. Our body is our greatest teacher; it talks to us all the time. Any pain in our body is telling us to take note and listen. We have forgotten the art of listening to our bodies. As we go through daily life many issues present themselves for us to deal with. Regular massage helps us to release these issues and have cleaner energy. Clearer or clean energy gives clear thoughts.